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Four day tour of Lake Van region
  Tour summary
  Adventure camping around Lake Van
& Nemrut Volcano
  Duration: 7 days
  Tour features: Volcanic adventure, thermal lakes, ancient ruins, river cruise & complete relaxation
  • All meals & transport included
  • A range of accommodation available
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Adventure camping around Lake Van & Nemrut Volcano

A week of volcanic adventure in and around Lake Van and the crater of Mt Nemrut where you can bathe in a thermal lake and minutes later plunge in an adjacent ice cold lake- hot to cold naturally!

Boat tour to Akdamar Island
Nemrut Volcano Crater Lakes
Making friends with the locals
White water rafting expedition
Day 1

The tour begins at the city of Van and departs for Akdamar camping (our own site) which is located opposite Akdamar Island. After pitching our tents we will take a boat to Akdamar island to see the island's ancient Armenian Church of The Holy Cross.

Day 2

We will take a boat to go to bird island which is uninhabited. After setting ours tents we can explore the island or simply relax and swim in lake Van.

Day 3

After breakfast we will take the boat for a relaxing cruise to the South west of the Lake to a place called Agun, tranquil and unspoilt by human activity. From Agun we will visit Bird Island which has a beautiful beach and crystal clear water. We will be here for three days.

Days 4 & 5

Agun; a range of activities on offer including swimming, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, backpacking, climbing, horseback riding, and off-roading. All in all, a unique mountain experience.

Days 6 & 7

We will come back to Akdamar Camping and then will travel by road to Nemrut Volcano Crater Lakes. We will picnic on the shore and explore the crater itself. For those who arrive between June and September we will see and visit with the nomadic people who are living then around Nemrut Crater Lake. After setting our tent a number of possible activities are on offer in the crater: swimming in cold or thermal lakes, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, climbing, and off-road vehicle exploring. Or you can relax and make friends with the locals....in summer tortoises abound!.

For those who need an extra boost of adrenaline we can arrange, as a part of this tour or as an extra day, a trip to the Bahcesaray (Mukus) River, just south of Van for a white water rafting expedition

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Further information about the lakes

Lake Van
Lake Van (Van Gölü) is the largest lake in Turkey and the second largest in the Middle East. The lake is located in the region of eastern Anatolia. It is a saline and soda lake, receiving water from numerous small streams that descend from the surrounding mountains. Lake Van is one of the world's largest endorheic lakes (having no outlet). The original outlet from the basin was blocked by an ancient volcanic eruption during the Pleistocene, when lava flows from Nemrut volcano blocked westward outflow towards the Mu? Plain. Now dormant, Nemrut Da?? is close to the western shore of the lake while and another dormant stratovolcano, Süphan Da?? dominates the northern side of the lake. Lake Van covers an area of 3713 km² ,I s more than 119 km across at its widest point and is 1640 metres above sea level.

Nemrut Volcano Lakes
150 km from Van (city) is Nemrud Mountain (not to be confused with Nemrut Dagi in Adiyaman) rising above Tatvan on the south westen edge of Lake Van. The highest peak of the mountain stands at 3050 meters and is one of the largest complete calderas in the world. The volcanic cone was belived to have originally been higher. It was at 4450 meter before its eruption. The last time it was active was in 1440 BC. There are five lakes within the crater, and the largest two, which we will visit, are wonderfully different. The Cold Lake (13 sq.kms) has an average depth of 100 meters, where its deepest point is at 155 m. The Hot Lake has a visible amount of steam rising from its thermal springs. The heat may reach up to 60 degrees centigrade :

Map of the region
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