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12 day tour of Eastern Turkey
  Tour summary
  12 day Tour of Eastern Turkey
  Duration: 12 days
  Tour features: Trabzon, Sumela Monastery, The Hopa & Georgian valley's, the city of Ani and Kars, the palace of Ishak Pasha, Van, Nemrut Crater lakes, Hasankeyf, the mountain top monuments of Mt Nemrut.
  Prices from $2370
Based on 4/5 star accommodation

12 Day Tour of Eastern Turkey

Beginning in Trabzon - the ancient city of Trebizond- taking in such sights as Ani, the palace of Ishak Pasha, Ararat, the soon to be sunken ruins of Hasankeyf, the astounding mountain top monument to man's folly on Nemrut and finishing up at the ancient home of the patriarch Abraham before returning to Istanbul, the capital of ancient empires past.

Sumela Monastery, Eastern turkey
Sumela Monastery
Muradiyie waterfall guided tour of eastern turkey
Muradiye Waterfall
The ruins of Ani. Part of a comprehensive guided tour of Eastern Turkey
Ruins of the medieval city Ani

Day 1

Arrive Trabzon. Visit to the 14th century Byzantine church of Hagia Sofia overlooking the Black Sea before proceeding to the cliff side monastery of the Virgin Mary at Sumela in the Altindere national park. From Sumela we drive along the coast of the Black Sea to Hopa on the Georgian border where we will spend the night.

Day 2

We depart Hopa for Erzurum via Artvin, Ishan and the spectacular Georgian Valleys.

Overnight in Erzurum.

Day 3

Sightseeing in Erzurum before departing for Kars via the Aras River valley and the First World War battlefield site of Sarakimis. After arriving at Kars we will continue to visit the ancient Armenian city of Ani on the Arpacay River.

Overnight in Kars.

Day 4

On to Dogubeyazit and passed the Biblical mountain of Ararat to visit the Ishak Pasha Saray and then on to the city of Van where we will spend the night.

Day 5

Sightseeing in the Van region including a visit to the 17th century fortress of Hosap, sitting astride the ancient Silk Road into Persia and the Orient. In the afternoon we will visit the island of Akdamar in Lake Van to visit the 10th century Church of the Holy Cross.

Overnight in Van.

Day 6

Depart Van along the southern shore of Lake Van for Tatvan and then to visit the great Volcano Crater of Nemrut and the Seljuk monuments of Ahlat. Overnight in Tatvan.

Overnight in Tatvan.


Day 7

Via Bitlis we continue down the Bitlis Gorge, via the city of Batman,
to the town Hasankeyf for lunch. In Hasankeyf (soon to be submerged under the lake of a new dam on the Tigris) we will visit
some of the many caves and the ruins of the medieval Byzantine city.

On our way west to Mardin we will stop in Midyat to see the Silver
bazaar. Arrive to Mardin visit Kasimiye Medrese.
Dinner and overnight in Mardin.

Overnight in Mardin.

Day 8

After breakfast visit Deir-Al-Zafaran (Saffron Monastery).
The Saffron Monastery was once the ancient centre of the Syriac
Christian Patriarchy. This site has been the centre of religious
worship for many centuries, the monastery itself is built over an
ancient temple, built in 1000BC and dedicated to the worship of the
sun and which now provides the foundations to the main part of the
monastery buildings - it is a fascinating structure as the roof of the temple to the sun is, essentially, a flat arch!

From Mardin we will travel northwest to Diyarbakir to see the 10
Arches Bridge on the Tigris River.

Overnight Diyarbakir.

Day 9

Sightseeing in Diyarbakir: the Ulu Cami (Mar Thoma)(Mosque and Church), then visit the Great wall. Leave for Nemrut via the ferry over the Euiphratesry arriving in Narlice Village in Nemrut National Park. We will travel to the top of Mount Nemrut Tombs of Commagene Kingdom and the Colossal Statues of Gods. Climbing up to Tumulus of Antiochos, the capital of Kommagene we will watch the sun set from the summit of Nemrut. This ancient funerary monument at the peak of Mt Nemrut was forgotten and lost to memory for nearly 2000 years.

Overnight near Nemrut.

Day 10

After breakfast you will see Karakus Tumulus, a burial sanctuary and the Cendere Bridge, erected by the XVI Legion in the honour of
Roman Emperor Septimus Severus, before proceeding to for Urfa.
Via Urfa we will visit Ataturk dam a part of the giant South East
Anatolia Project. Arriving in Urfa we will visit the Holy Pools of
Abraham andthe cave where, tradition tells us, the Prophet Abraham was born. Visit the Bazaar.

Dinner and Overnight Urfa.

Day 11

After breakfast we will visit the on-going archaeological
dig at Gobekli Tepe. Although this site is not widely known it is one
of the most important archaeological digs currently being
undertaken anywhere - this site represents a major shift in our
understanding of man's early history. Here lie the remains of the
earliest religious structures built by man yet to be discovered. At
about 11000-13000 years old and pre-dating pottery, writing,
Stonehenge and the Pyramids!

We then depart for Gaziantep where we will visit the stunning mosaic museum which houses a priceless collection of mosaics from the now sunken city of Zeugma. We will visit the citadel and the Old Town of Gaziantep.

Overnight in Gaziantep.

Day 12

Depart from Gaziantep for Istanbul.

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Hasankeyf ruins
Dig site at Gobekli Tepe
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