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Ten Day guided & escorted tour to cappadocia which includes complementary hot air ballooning in Eastern turkey
  Cappadocia tour summary
  Hot Air Ballooning Cappadocia
  Duration: 10 days
  Tour features: Ankara, Hatussa, Cappadocia, Goreme, Complimentary hot air ballooning. Sivas, Kangal thermal spa (the fish doctor), Darende, Nemrut monuments, Urfa and Gobekli Tepe
  • Half Board, transport, museum and site entry, guide & hot air ballooning
(minimum 6 persons - T&C apply)
  Prices from 1690 euros (group booking)
Based on 4/5 star accommodation
Click here for prices & tour timetable

10 Day tour to Cappadocia (FREE Hot Air Ballooning included!)

Of all the tours to Cappadocia available on the market this tour is without question unique. This tour covers the region of Ancient Cappadocia, starting in Ankara and visiting the Hittite Capital of Hatussa before proceeding to modern day Cappadocia to visit the underground cities, troglodyte dwellings and churches of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Goreme.  We are pleased to be able to offer you a complimentary hot air balloon flight which is an extraordinary way to experience this unique landscape. 

From Goreme we proceed to Sivas to enjoy the charms of this ancient but cosmopolitan city with its 13th century Sultan’s tomb and Medrese and world famous crooked bridge.  From Sivas we travel south to Kangal to spend an afternoon in the renowned Balikli Kaplica and the famous “Doctor Fish”.  The Thermal Spa specialises in the treatment of dermatological complaints – Psoriasis and Eczema.  The initial treatment is carried out by fish which are unique to this place; they nibble away the diseased skin which allows the selenium rich waters of the spa to treat the underlying condition.

Fairy Chimney stacks in Cappadocia
Viewed from the Hot Air Balloon at the end of the flight - the Fairy Chimney and Uchisar in the distance
The tomb of Izzetin, Sivas, in Eastern Turkey
The tomb of Izzetin
Somuncu Baba mosque with its pool of sacred trout
Somuncu Baba mosque with its pool of sacred trout
Mount nemrut statue
Mount Nemrut
Sacred pools of Abraham near Urfa
Sacred pools of Abraham

For our afternoon however, you will get to experience a truly wonderful pedicure courtesy of the “Doctor Fish”.  We carry on to one of the hidden gems of Anatolia; Darende and the shrine of Somuncu Baba.  Here you will experience probably the finest trout you will ever taste, taken from the sparkling waters of the Tohma River Canyon and baked in a clay “tandir” oven.  At Darende you will have time to relax and enjoy the pool and the sauna at Teryandafil Hotel and shop in the local bazaar.  From Darende we travel to Adiyaman to visit the mountain top funerary monument of Antiochus I Commagene  at 2000 metres this monument with its giant enigmatic statues had been lost to memory until it was rediscovered at the end of the 19th Century.  After Adiyaman we travel to Urfa to conclude our tour with a visit to the sacred pool and birth place of the Prophet Abraham and a visit to the oldest temple yet discovered at Gobekli Tepe.

Day 1
Arrive at noon. Afternoon tour of Anit Kabir

Overnight Ankara

Day 2
Museum of Anatolian civilisations and the Citadel
Afternoon departure for Bogazkale and Hattusa

Overnight in Bogazkale

Day 3
Visit ruins of Hattusa and open air sanctuary at Yazilikaya. Departure for Cappadocia. Visit Rose Valley and look out points

Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 4
Hot Air Ballooning and Goreme Open Air Museum. Afternoon leisure/ shopping Uchisar

Overnight Cappadocia

Day 5
Day Tour- Derinkoyu Underground city, Ihlara Valley, Selime Monastery. Leather/ Onyx shopping. Pigeon Valley views

Overnight Cappadocia.

Day 6
Departure for Sivas after breakfast. Sivas city centre- Mosques, Congress building, refreshments in Medrese.

Overnight in Sivas

Day 7
Depart Sivas for Kangal and Darende. Lunch at Balikli Kaplica. Fish Pedicure. Afternoon at Spa. Evening arrival at Darende.  Dinner at Kanyon Balik Sofrasi. Stroll in Canyon.

Overnight in Darende

Day 8
Whole day activities in Darende, at your own descretion. Optional activities include: Canyon, rafting, sightseeing or simply leisure. Somuncu Baba Cami.

Overnight Darende.

Day 9
Late morning departure for Adiyaman and Nemrut Statues for sunset.

Overnight Khata.

Day 10
Morning departure for Urfa. Pools of Abraham, Castle, museum. Evening, Gobekli Tepe or Harran. Dinner at typical Urfa restaurant.

Overnight Urfa.

Day 11
Depart for home

For a detailed itinerary of this unique tour please refer to our downloadable pdf brochure

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Map of the region
Map of our guided tour of ancient cappadocia in Eastern Turkey
Pdf download of our tour to Cappadocia in Eastern Turkey - Includes free hot air ballooning
Tour to Cappadocia Brochure
Download pdf brochure

For a detailed itinerary, please download the brochure. For prices and timetables & conditions please contact us on:

Sabahattin (Turkish Office)

Nick (UK Office)

Sally (UK Office)

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