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Four day pilgrimage tour of Lake Van region
  Tour summary
  A Pilgrimage to Lake Van
  Duration: 4 days
  Tour features: Lake Van, Varakavank, Gduts island, Garmir Vank, Kanzak, Sourp Khach
  • Half Board & transport included
  • A range of accommodation available
  Prices from 660 euros (group booking)
Click here for prices & tour schedule
Pilgrimage of armenian churches
Adir Island
A Pilgrimage to Akdamar & Lake Van

This is a four day (five nights) tour of Armenian churches and monasteries south and east of Lake Van. From Varakavank (The Seven Churches) to St. John’s church on Gduts (Carpanak) island and taking in Garmir Vank and, St. Thomas’ church near the village of Kanzak (Altinsac), before finishing with Arter (Kusadisi) and, of course, the beautiful Sourp Khach (Church of the Holy Cross) on Aghtamar Island built by King Gagik in the 10th Century. As a Catholicosate until 1916, Sourp Khach embodies a central place in Armenian religious history. One of only a few Catholicosates, the Brotherhood at Aghtamar and Sourp Khach had the authority to create new bishops and bless the chrism essential to important rites and sacraments such as marriage, baptism, funerals and the consecration of bishops.

Even today Aghtamar island is celebrated within Armenian and local folk culture, with many songs and legends associated with it. It is a place of celebration, as well as worship. The backdrop for this unique tour is the incomparable Lake itself.

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Sailing from Akdamar island, part of the guided tour   Jonas and the Whale carving on wall
Ferry from Aghtamar (Akdamar) Island   The Bible Story of Jonah and the Whale
Map of the region
Grand guided tour of Turkey
Tour Brochure
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For a detailed itinerary, please download the brochure. For prices and timetables & conditions please contact us on:

Sabahattin (Turkish Office)

Nick (UK Office)

Sally (UK Office)

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