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trekking around lake van, nemrut and Suphan
  Tour summary
  Trekking lake Van, Nemrut & Suphan
  Duration: 7 days
  Tour features: Akdamar Island, Nemrut Volcano Crater, Ahalat, Mt. Suphan
  • All meals & transport included
  • A range of accommodation available
  Prices from 1070 euros per person
Based on 4/5 star accommodation
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Trekking Lake Van, Nemrut & Suphan

Trekking Lake Van, Nemrut Crater and Mt Suphan. This tour will take you completely around the extraordinary and beautiful Lake Van with its unique geology and stunning, wide open spaces. The tour requires a good level of physical fitness, mainly for the last leg of the tour on Mt Suphan which involves trekking at higher altitudes. The tour is half board, with the exception of those parts of the tour where hotels are used which are on a bed and breakfast basis. The Farewell  Dinner is included  in the coast of the tour.

Akdamar Island Eastern Turkey
Akdamar Island
The tombs of Seljuk kings in Ahlat, Eastern Turkey
The tombs of Seljuk Kings in Ahlat
excellent views fromSelcuklu Hotel right on the edge of lake van
Beautiful views from Selcuklu Hotel right on the edge of lake van
Suphan crater
Suphan crater
At the summit of mount suphan, the peak of our great trekking tour
At the summit of Suphan
Day 1

From Van to Tatvan on the south western shore of Lake Van via Akdamar Island and a visit, by boat,  to the 10th century Armenian church of The Holy Cross. (D)

Day 2 & 3

Up to Nemrut Volcano Crater. For two days we will explore the rim of the crater with its spectacular views of Lake Van and the lakes inside the crater itself. We will also explore the floor of the crater with its hot and cold lakes and numerous hot blow holes. There will be an opportunity to swim, relax or even do a little fishing in the cold lake. (B + D)

Day 4

We leave the crater and head for Ahlat with its unique and mysterious Seljuk cemeteries and monuments.   We will stay overnight in a lakeside hotel with opportunities to relax and enjoy the hotel’s excellent restaurant.

Day 5

After a leisurely traditional Turkish breakfast we take the lakeside road for our camp site on the slope of Mt. Suphan. (B + D)

Day 6

Early morning start (1.00 am) for the summit of Mt. Suphan arriving at the volcano rim at around dawn. After exploring the volcano and its lake we descend to our camp site and return to the city of Van by which time you will have travelled the complete circumference of this beautiful, unique lake. (B + D)

Day 7

Depart. (B)

There are options to extend the tour to take in the extraordinary castle rock of Van with its 3000 year old Urartian fortifications, Cavustepe and the spectacular fortress of Hosap that protected, and drew income from, the ancient Silk Road or the numerous Armenian religious sites around the Van region .

Alternatively, you can add a five day trekking expedition to the summit of Mt Ararat. 

Meals as indicated in itinerary.

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Further information about the lakes & mountains

Lake Van
Lake Van (Van Gölü) is the largest lake in Turkey and the second largest in the Middle East. The lake is located in the region of eastern Anatolia. It is a saline and soda lake, receiving water from numerous small streams that descend from the surrounding mountains. Lake Van is one of the world's largest endorheic lakes (having no outlet). The original outlet from the basin was blocked by an ancient volcanic eruption during the Pleistocene, when lava flows from Nemrut volcano blocked westward outflow towards the Mus Plain. Now dormant, Nemrut Dagi is close to the western shore of the lake while another dormant stratovolcano, Süphan Dagi dominates the northern side of the lake. Lake Van covers an area of 3713 km² ,I s more than 119 km across at its widest point and is 1640 metres above sea level.

Nemrut Volcano Lakes
150 km from Van (city) is Nemrut Mountain (not to be confused with Nemrut Dagi in Adiyaman) rising above Tatvan on the south westen edge of Lake Van. The highest peak of the mountain stands at 3050 meters and is one of the largest complete calderas in the world. The volcanic cone was believed to have originally been higher. It was at 4450 meter before its eruption. The last time it was active was in 1440 BC. There are five lakes within the crater, and the largest two, which we will visit, are wonderfully different. The Cold Lake (13 sq.kms) has an average depth of 100 meters, where its deepest point is at 155 m. The Hot Lake has a visible amount of steam rising from its thermal springs. The heat may reach up to 60 degrees centigrade:

Mount Suphan
Mount Suphan, a magnificent dormant volcano rises from the northwest shore of Lake Van. It is clearly visible from any point around Lake Van. The mountain experiences considerable snow fall throughout the winter reaching a depth of three to four meters, much of which remains until late spring.

The southern and eastern slopes of Suphan are easily accessible and are the best routes for climbing the mountain as they provide spectacular views of Lake Van to the south. The climb from the south begins at the village of Harmantepe which is also near the camp site.

At 4058 metres (13,314 ft), Suphan is the second highest peak in Turkey. Suphan is a stratovolcano (also referred to as a composite volcano). It is tall, conical and built up with many layers (strata) of hardened lava, pumice, tephra and ash. At the summit of the mountain is a depression with a lake- frozen in winter but ice cold throughout the summer. The climb can be completed in one day from the base camp but does involve an early morning start with the initial part of the climb being conducted in the dark with the aid of lamps.

Map of the region
Guided tour pdf download of our trekking Lake Van, Nemrut and suphan in Eastern Turkey

Trekking Lake Van, Nemrut & Suphan tour Brochure

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Guided tour pdf download of our trekking Lake Van, Nemrut and suphan in Eastern Turkey

Trekking Aragats to Ararat
Tour Brochure


For detailed itineraries, please download the brochures. For prices and timetables & conditions please contact us on:

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